« Beggar’s Drama » – Egypte

تاريخ العرض
Date du Spectacle
4 déc. 2018   20:00

Dans le cadre du Festival International des Ecoles Supérieures d’Art Dramatique (FIESAD 2018) l‘Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique du Caire, Egypte, présente la pièce

« Beggar’s Drama »

Beggars’ Drama is an Egyptian contemporary performance, It’s classified as a Realistic performance. The director discusses through it the toughness of living of poor slice of society and conflicts among them in the absence of the government care. It’s a comedy performance takes place in abandoned theater, Between 4 Beggars, a Theif, and a Cop. The conflict appears – after lots of comedy scenes reveal the director’s point of view – when Jack the new beggar fights the Lord beggar and the Cop interfere but on the side of Jack and with a rickless bullet Victoria dies to find out that the Cop was Just Mocking them.

Equipe artistique

Texte : Badr Mohareb.

Mise en scène : Mohamed El Rakh.

Scénographie : Mohamed Abou El Hassan

Interprètes : Mohamed Nasser, Mahmoud Abd El Razik, Moustafa Gharib, Abd El Rahman El Kaliouby, Rana Khattab et Donia Samy.

Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique du Caire, Egypte


The High Institute of Theater Arts is authenticated organization of graduating actors, directors, and writers in Egypt. It’s considered the first institute of theater art in the Middle East and Africa. It’s first establishment was at 1930. The Institute aims to accomplish the main purpose of culture which is enlightening the society knowledge an enrich the youth minds with true culture.


Date et lieu: le mardi 4 décembre 2018 à 20.00 au Théâtre National Mohammed V de Rabat.



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